Crazy Crafter Studio

Finally, I made some pics of my new craft room. We bought a house last year and got a little craft room in here as well. My brother was a bit skeptical, he never thought all the boxes would fit in this tiny room. but it works just fine. Everything is neat and organised now.

On the other side, I got my beloved scrapbooking and space. And of course my Silhouette and Big Shot found their places here. In the drawers, I stashed various photos, stickers, embellishments, tools, and a lot more...

To have an easy access to all my papers, I moved my old bookshelf with me. Behind the doors are my 6x6 paper pads.

Still need to replace my Poäng, it has a nasty stain from an old cat of mine. But I can't complain. I'm so happy to have my little craft paradise <3

I finally replaced my Poäng, but not the way I wanted to :D  I bought a transfer press and fell in love with yet another hobby.

Finally ordered a few of my craft supplies and love all the storage space in my new room. It is so perfect.

Happy Crafting,


Bernadette Bliss said...

What a great space. Very organized. I craft out of my motor home,so things are tight for me also.

saharapferdchen said...

Bin einfach nur begeistert von deinen Werken. Deine Karte bezaubert mich immer noch - vielen lieben Dank nochmals <3

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