Saturday, 29 January 2011

Blog award

Hi everyone. For all followers, who thought I disappeared or that aliens kidnapped me, you were almost right... Almost...
I had a really stressful start in 2011. Exams, illness, project work, deadline and much more. Therefore, I had no time to craft or even write on my blog. This will change now! :)

First, I will thank Bernadette Bliss, she gave me a blog award and I had no time to post it until know. So thank you and sorry that it took so long. The rules are to tell 8 things about ourselves and nominate 8 of our favourite bloggers:

So, here are my 8 facts:
1. I'm not Dutch, even if I'm living in the Netherlands, I'm German (that is the reason for my bad grammar and even worse spelling ;) )

2. I have two cats, they are called Tinky and Dusty and I rescued them (with my boyfriend) from an animal shelter nearby.

3. In my spare free time I love to go Geocaching, that is kind a GPS treasure hunt. So much fun!

4. I would nominate myself for the title worse cook in the world and therefore I don't like to cook as well. Maybe there is sort of a connection between these two phenomena ;)

5. Nevertheless, I love baking. But it is not my first time activity in my free time!

6. I love to read. That is the worst thing of being a student. After reading all the study books, you do not have the power to read novels. I miss it so much!

7. I have more pets, I'm also a proud owner of two gerbils, Creamy and Brownie. You would never guess, one is brown and the other one white/creamy-ish :)

8. My worst characteristic is that I love saying "Told you so"!! I can't stop it, it is like an addiction. So, you have to deal with it if you know me in real life ;)

These are the 8 bloggers I nominate for the Stylish blogger award:
Bernadette Bliss
K Joy
Jessica Rone

But it is not fair that I'm limited to 8 bloggers, because all bloggers of my followers list deserve this one. There is a reason I follow them!! So, even if you did not get the Blog award, it is not because I don't love your blog, but limits are limits :(

Happy Crafting,


Deborah said...

O wat leuk zeg, een award! Ik zal nog eventjes moeten denken aan wie ik hem doorgeef.
Heel erg bedankt hoor!
Groetjes Deborah

Jessie/knightrone said...

Thank you SO MUCH!!

K. Joy said...

Oh aren't you sweet! Thanks for the award!! :)

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